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Asia’s Leading Risk Event
Join 200+ Senior Risk Managers, Including 20+ CROs at Asia’s Leading Risk Management Event
Companies That Attended In 2014
China Construction Bank, Deutsche Bank, Nomura, Maybank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Kasikorn Bank, Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, Central Bank of Malaysia
A Truly Pan-Asian event
RiskMinds Asia is a truly pan-Asian event
New location for 2015
New location for 2015. The Excelsior, Hong Kong
Meet & Learn From 200+ Senior Risk Managers

RiskMinds Asia provides the perfect opportunity for you to meet & learn from hundreds of your peers from cross Asia and beyond.

4 Full Days Of Content

65+ speakers across 70+ sessions, in-depth technical workshops and our Global Risk Regulation Summit

The Global Risk Regulation Summit

Hear senior regulators and practitioners discuss the latest regulatory reforms effecting banks across Asia and beyond

Maximise Your Learning

Get more from RiskMinds Asia by attending one of our in-depth technical workshops, gaining practical solutions to real problems from world-renowned experts.

The World’s Largest Risk Management Event Series' Asian Conference

Why RiskMinds Asia Is The Most Comprehensive Asian Risk Management Event

For more information take a look at the draft agenda for Asia's leading risk management conference

Companies That Attended RiskMinds Asia 2014 Included:

  • ABN Amro
  • Allianz SE Singapore Branch
  • Amundi Singapore Ltd
  • Asset Control Singapore Pte Ltd
  • BAML
  • Banca IMI
  • Bank Central Asia (BCA)
  • Bank Danamon
  • Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad
  • Bank Mandiri
  • Bank of Queensland
  • Bank of Singapore Limited
  • Barclays Capital
  • Brazilian National Development Bank
  • CBA
  • Citibank
  • Citigroup
  • Clifford Capital Pte Ltd
  • Commonwealth Bank
  • Crédit Agricole CIB
  • Credit Suisse
  • DBS Bank
  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • Eastspring Investments (Singapore)
  • Fed
  • Great Eastern Life
  • Hong Leong Capital
  • IFC
  • Indonesia FSA
  • International Finance Corporation
  • ISS An MSCI Brand
  • Kiwibank Ltd
  • KPMG
  • Lombard Street Research
  • Macquarie University
  • Markets & Risk Solutions Pte Ltd
  • MAS
  • Maybank Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd
  • Mitsubishi UFJ Securities (HK)
  • NETS Singapore
  • Nomura
  • OCBC
  • OCBC Bank
  • Ping An Group
  • PT Bank Commonwealth
  • QRM
  • Saudi Hollandi Bank
  • Société Générale Private Banking
  • Soneri Bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Suncorp Bank
  • The Bank of Nova Scotia Ltd
  • Unicredit
  • University of International Business and Economics
  • Warba Bank
  • Westpac Banking Corporation
  • Woori Bank

Latest Risk Management Buzz On The RiskMinds Blog

The RiskMinds Americas 2015 magazine - available to read online or download now,

Take a look back at RiskMinds Americas 2015 by reading the official RiskMinds Americas magazine, now available to http://issuu.com/icbievents/docs/riskmindsamericas_june_2015/1" target="_blank">read online or to download.

Launched at the event, this edition is full of articles that complement the topics covered at the conference, which took place in Miami on 15-19 June 2015. Including articles on geopolitics, stress testing, the evolving role of the CRO, the Credit Market and much, much more!

http://issuu.com/icbievents/docs/riskmindsamericas_june_2015/1" target="_blank">Read the RiskMinds Americas 2015 magazine online now

Is Stress Testing Where It Needs to Be?,

We speak to our co-sponsor, SAS, about the significance and the progress of stress testing within banks, and get their view for the future of stress testing. sas

RiskMinds Insurance 2015: Photo Highlights,

200 delegates from the insurance industry came together in Amsterdam last week to discuss Solvency II, regulatory developments, risk, big data, how to get inside the mind of a CRO. Here are some of the best bits we caught on camera.

Inside the White House to deal with ISIS: The RiskMinds War Game for 2015,

John Hulsman details the simluated War Games session that he will be running at RiskMinds Insurance 2015.

Inside the Mind of a CRO,

What are the key concerns that keep CROs up at night? We've delved into the mind of a CRO to help develop our program for RiskMinds Insurance, taking place in Amsterdam, 16th - 19th March.

What were the outcomes of the 2014 European Bank Stress Tests? Alvarez & Marsal’s Analysis,

In November 2014, Alvarez & Marsal (A&M), a global professional services firm, conducted an in-depth analysis of the European bank stress test results. A&M’s findings indicated that transparency has increased, market confidence has been boosted and banks have worked to repair their balance sheets. Yet, there remains a long way to go in building bank capital flexibility and momentum must be maintained.

30 Seconds with Nassim Taleb,

What do you see as the biggest challenge for managing risk in the real world?  We are principally practitioners, which entails a much much more rigorous approach to risk. Academic love theories, but science isn’t about risk and survival but about what can be proved using a certain set of methods. What cannot be proved…

Chinese Shadow Banking: Understanding KRIs and risk scenarios ,

This paper is written by industry practitioners of the Hong Kong Chapter of the Institute of Operational Risk and the students from RMBISA of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Executive Summary Shadow banking activities have grown rapidly in recent years, especially in China. With a view to gaining a greater understanding of financial…

Approaching Cyber Security in Risk Management,

Major General Jonathan Shaw joined us at RiskMinds Americas to chat about about Cyber Security, a subject for everyone in the Digital Age, especially within the Risk Management industry. How should financial services be approaching Cyber security risks? You can hear more from Major General Jonathan Shaw this December at the 21st annual RiskMinds International…

What are some emerging risks for the industry in 2014?,

We hit the ground at RiskMinds Insurance 2014 to get an idea from some of the leaders of the industry about what some of the emerging risks are in 2014.

The Growing Importance of Risk Culture,

Last year we had Professor Simon Ashby, Plymouth Business School, speak about Risk Culture, and it’s growing importance in banking and insurance companies. The topic raises numerous questions; can Risk Culture be measured?  How do you define, as a top management board, the type of Risk Culture you would like to see and observe in your…

Phil Rivett: Observations from 20 Years of Attending the RiskMinds International,

It is hard to believe that RiskMinds International has now been around for two decades!  In 2013, we celebrated the conference’s twentieth anniversary; two decades during which some of our speakers and attendees have been regular attendees. Phil Rivett, Chariman of Financial Services Leadership Team, PwC, attended the very first RiskMinds event back in 1994,…

Alistair Milne - Central Counterparties, what are they? ,

Professor Alistair Milne expands on the debate he took part in at RiskMinds 2013 on Centre Counterparties, one of the main regulatory developments since the financial crisis.  Will Centre Counterparties help solve systemic risk?  Will it address all the things the regulators want it to do?  Watch our exclusive interview with Alistair Milne for some…

RiskMinds International 2013 - A Photo Essay,

After a momentous 20th Anniversary RiskMinds International event last December in Amsterdam, we look back on the highlights of the leading Conference in Risk Management.  Were you at the event?  Did we get your picture?  Why not have a flick through and see! For more information on RiskMinds, visit the website, or check here to see…

Alden Toevs looks back on 20 Years of RiskMinds,

Alden Toevs joins us at RiskMinds 2013 in our 20th Anniversary event. Alden also spoke at the inaugural RiskMinds conference, and takes a look back at how the industry has changed over the last two decades.   You spoke at the very first RiskMinds conference 20 years ago- do you have any specific memories of the event and the topics…

Norman Loayza - What impact does the World Development Report 2014 have?,

This December, Norman Loayza (Director, World Development Report 2014, The World Bank) joins us at RiskMinds 2013, where he will be speaking on Risk Management and its importance for development.  Ahead of the Norman’s talk, we find out more about the results that came from the World Development Report.   What’s keeping you busy at the moment? Preparing…

Hear about what Ottmar Bongers will be talking about at RiskMinds,

  Ottmar Bongers joins us, prior to his presentation at RiskMinds 2013, to give us a little preview about what he will be speaking about at this years event in Amsterdam, and also tells us a bit about himself for good measure! What’s keeping you busy at the moment? Two major topics: debate about models…

If Professor Moorad Choudhry wasn't a Risk Manager, what would he be?,

This year at the 20th Anniversary RiskMinds, in Amsterdam, we are delighted to have Professor Moorad Choudhry speaking.  Professor Choudhry will be presenting a session which explores the interaction between liquidity, funding and monetary policy.   You can download the programme here. Ahead of the event, we get to know a little more about Professor Moorad Choudhry.  …

30 Seconds with....Professor Robert Engle,

Our 30 Seconds with…. series continues, as we quickly get to know Professor Robert Engle, Michael Armellino Professor of Management and Financial Services, Stern School Of Business, New York University & Director The Volatility Institute. Professor Robert Engle will be joining us at RiskMinds this December, presenting an Academic New Research Address titled ‘A Quantitative Assessment Of Endogenous Systemic Risk’. You can downlaod…

What can you expect at RiskMinds 2013?,

RiskMinds 2013 is not far away!  Ahead of this years 20th Anniversary event in Amsterdam, Conference Director Victoria Chatterton provides a snapshot of what we can expect at RiskMinds in December.    What was the most interesting trend you came across during your research for  RiskMinds? The big trend that I noticed was increased interest in emerging…

Getting to Know Charles Dumas...in 30 Seconds!,

The year marks the 20th Anniversary for RiskMinds, a terrific milestone for what is the world’s largest Risk Management conference.  Ahead of this years landmark event, we get to know Charles Dumas, Chairman, and Chief Economist, at Lombard Street Research. Charles will be presenting the ‘Guest Economic Scene Setting Address’ at the 2013 RiskMinds. taking…

5 Risk Management Questions for Ananias Serrano Cornelio III (Jong),

Ananias Serrano Cornelio III (Jong), Chief Risk Officer at China Banking Corporation, will be joining us at RiskMinds Asia 2013 as part of the CRO ThinkTank session on ‘The View Across Asia’ (download full programme). Ahead of the event, he provides some insights on the year ahead for Risk Management in Asia. What do you see…

Dr Craig Pirrong joins RiskMinds 2013 for the CCP Debate,

RiskMinds is delighted to have Dr Craig Pirrong speaking this December in Amsterdam.  Dr Pirrong is the Professor of Finance, and Energy Markets Director for the Global Energy Management Institute at the Bauer College of Business, University of Houston. Dr Craig Pirrong provides a snapshot of what to expect in December, weighing in on CCP discussions and who he…

What are the immediate Challenges in the Asian Risk Management Industry?,

Ahead of RiskMinds Asia this October, So Lan Ip, CRO, Ping An Group, provides some of her insights on Asian Risk Management.  So Lan Ip will be speaking at the event, being held 21-24 October 2013 at the JW Marriot, Hong Kong. What do you see as your biggest challenges in the year ahead? 1. Elevated macroeconomic…

60 Seconds of Risk Management with...Raj Singh ,

Continuing our interview series ahead of the inaugural RiskMinds Risk & Regulation Forum being held in Nice this September, Raj Singh, Chief Risk Officer at Standard Life plc, shares his insights into some of the challenges facing the Risk Managers and the recent developments with Financial Regulation. What do you see as your biggest challenges in…

30 Seconds of Risk Management with...Stephen Coombes,

Ahead of the inaugural RiskMinds Risk & Regulation Forum, being held in Nice this September, Stephen Coombes, CFO, HSBC Insurance UK, gives us some insights into some of the challenges facing the Risk Managers and the recent developments with Financial Regulation.   What do you see as your biggest challenges in the year ahead? Streamlining the…

Michelle McCarthy discusses Model Validation at RiskMinds USA,

Michelle McCarthy, MD, Director of Risk Management at Nuveen, was speaking at RiskMinds USA this year on how Model Risk Management & Model Validation should be applied to the Buy Side. Hear some great insights on model validation, what are the different steps used for models on the buy and sell side? What are some of…

Jacques Beyssade - Key Challenges for CRO's under new Regulations ,

Following his presentation at RiskMinds USA, Jacques Beyssade, CRO at Natixis, speaks to RiskMinds TV to continue the discussion on some of the key challenges new regulations are bringing for Chief Risk Officers. How are processes changing in the industry?  What are some of the skills people are going to require in the future within such…

Massimo Morini - How We Can Best Manage Model Risk ,

Massimo Morini gives us an overview of his presentation at RiskMinds USA, focusing on the risks that emerge in today’s practises, and discussing how we can best manage model risk. Massimo Morini was speaking to RiskMinds TV as part of his participation at RiskMinds USA 2013. To find out more about our upcoming RiskMinds events,…

John Hull discusses how FVA will evolve in the industry,

RiskMinds will be upon us before we know it, taking place in Amsterdam 2-6 December 2013.  John Hull will again be joining us this year, and ahead of the event, he joins us to discuss FVA, and it’s evolution in the industry. How has your thinking on FVA evolved since you first started working on…

30 Seconds of Risk Management with Mark White,

With RiskMinds USA taking place this week in Boston, Mark White, Bank of Montreal, gives us some of his thoughts on the Risk Management industry.   What are you currently working on? (Mark White) The big things taking my attention these days are the integration of stress testing into our capital adequacy assessment and planning…

30 Seconds with Robert Jarrow,

Ahead of RiskMinds USA later this month, Robert Jarrow, Ronald P. & Susan E. Lynch Professor of Investment Management, Cornell University, tells us a bit about himself and the Risk Management industry.  Robert will speaking at RiskMinds USA in Boston on Wednesday June 19th at 9:50am. What are you currently working on? I am working in parallel on four topics. One is…

Dr Kanwardeep Ahluwalia explains 4+1 Stress Testing,

Dr Kanwardeep Ahluwalia, Swiss Re, joins us at RiskMinds Insurance 2013 to explain what exactly “4+1 Stress Testing” means, and how it forms a technique as to clarify the technique of each type of stress testing. Watch the full interview here. You can find out more about RiskMinds Insurance by visiting the website.  You can…

Integrating Social Media into Risk Management, What Are The Benefits?,

The continual rise of Social Media is changing people’s attitudes toward technology in nearly all industries.  Andrew Walker, of Tweetminster, explains how Social Media can be a valuable tool in Risk Management, and why it is an important technology to integrate into the industry as an every-day tool. Andrew Walker was presenting at RiskMinds 2012 last December…

Is it better to be 'Approximately Right', or 'Precisely Wrong' in Risk Management?,

“Is it better to be ‘Approximately Right’, or ‘Precisely Wrong’ in Risk Management?  Well known Risk Manager Barry Schachter, of Woodbine Capital Management, speaks with Ruth Whaley at RiskMinds in Amsterdam, applying the quote to the industry, as a way of redirecting Risk Management thinking.  Barry presented on this topic last December at RiskMinds 2012. RiskMinds…

Professor John Hull on Derivatives Markets & the Funding Value Adjustment (FVA),

In December 2012, Professor John Hull provided a keynote address at RiskMinds in Amsterdam on the Derivatives Markets and the Funding Value Adjustment. Whilst at the event, it was our great pleasure to speak with Professor John Hull, and to hear more about his presentation to the RiskMinds attendees, and his thoughts on the topic.…

30 Seconds talking Risk Management with Dr Kanwardeep Ahluwalia,

  With just a few weeks until RiskMinds Insurance begins, Dr Kanwardeep Ahluwalia kindly spends some time with us providing his insights into the Risk Management industry. Dr Ahluwalia will be speaking at RiskMinds Insurance in Amsterdam, presenting leading the on session on “4+1” Stress Testing Explained A Segregation Of Stress Testing Techniques & How To Use Them - Download the full…

Risk Management Insights with Jean-Christophe Ménioux,

Speaking at RiskMinds Insurance in 2013, Jean-Christophe Ménioux, Group Chief Risk Officer at AXA briefly tells us a bit about his views on the industry. You can hear more from Jean-Christophe in the Talking Heads session on Day Three (Thursday 7th March 2013) at RiskMinds Insurance, in an on-stage conversation with Karel van Hulle. You can…

Risk expert Eberhard Müller in 30 Seconds,

The seconds annual RiskMinds Insurance event is quickly approaching, the latest thinking in risk, regulation & capital management for the global insurance industry.  Ahead of the event, we spend 30 Seconds with Eberhard Müller, CRO at Hannover Re   What do you see as your biggest challenges in the year ahead? Coping with diverging efforts of national supervisory…

RiskMinds 2011 Flashback,

With RiskMinds 2012 just weeks away, we look back on all the highlights from RiskMinds in 2011 Click Here to visit the RiskMinds website for further information  

30 Seconds with...Lewis O'Donald,

RiskMinds is quickly approaching this December, and ahead of this years event in Amsterdam, we continue our ’30 Second with….’ series of interviews by getting to know Lewis O’Donald, Global Chief Officer at Nomura Holdings Inc.   Lewis O’Donald will be presenting a CRO Address at RiskMinds 2012, revolving around promoting Risk Culture. You can…

One More Reason - A Charity Fund Set-Up by Attilio Meucci,

Attilio Meucci is CRO at Kepos Capital, and Adjunct Professor at Baruch College.  Attilio will be moderating a panel, and presenting on Liquidity, Funding & Market Risk at RiskMinds 2012.  The event is being held 3 – 7 December 2012 at the Hotel Okura, Amsterdam What is One More Reason? One More Reason is a charitable fund,…

Gilbert Kohnke: Risk Management Lessons Asia can learn from Europe,

What are some key Risk Management lessons Asia  can learn from Europe?  Gilbert Kohnke, CRO at OCBC Bank, sat down to discuss, whilst at the recent RiskMinds Asia event in Singapore.  You can hear more from Gilbert at the upcoming RiskMinds International event, this December in Amsterdam. RiskMinds International runs 3-7 December 2012, at the Hotel…

When will we start to see signs of economic recovery?,

During the recent RiskMinds Asia event in Singapore, we asked some leading experts in the Risk Management industry when they thought we might start seeing signs of economic recovery.  How different are their predictions? You can find out more about the upcoming RiskMinds International event by CLICKING HERE

How can Risk Management innovate under increased regulation?,

During the recent RiskMinds Asia event, held in September in Singapore, Peter Deans, CRO at Bank of Queensland, took some time to speak to us.  He explained how it was an interesting time to be in Risk Management, and gave some insight into how Risk Management can continue to innovate under increased regulation. To find out more…

30 Seconds with...Alan Smith,

Ahead of RiskMinds 2012 this December, being held this year in Amsterdam, Alan Smith, HSBC, takes a few moments to speak with us prior to his session at RiskMinds on Stress Testing And The Shaping Of Risk Appetite: How Do We Use It Effectively To Build Strong Financial Institutions And Systems? What’s keeping you busy at the moment?…

Find out in 90 seconds why RiskMinds International 2012 is a Must-Attend Event!,

RiskMinds 2012 is very quickly approaching, running this December 3-7 at a brand new venue!  After many years in Geneva, RiskMinds has a new home in Amsterdam, at the Hotel Okura. What can you expect from RiskMinds 2012?  Watch our brand new video below, and in just 90 Seconds, you’ll see why this years RiskMinds…

30 Seconds with...John Hull and Ed Altman,

Two of the most famous risk management academics of our time, Professor Edward Altman & Professor John Hull answer probing questions in our RiskMinds interview series.  Who do they respect in risk management?  Find out here!  John Hull Professor Of Derivatives & Risk Management                      University…

30 Seconds with...Paul Embrechts,

As RiskMinds 2012 quickly approaches, we continue our series of short interviews with some of the key speakers taking part at RiskMinds this December.  In this edition, we hear from Paul Embrechts, Professor of Mathematics at Eth Zurich, who will be presenting a guest academic new research address at this years event. Paul Embrechts is Professor of…

RiskMinds interviews keynote speaker Damiano Brigo,

Ahead of RiskMinds 2012 later this year at the Hotel Okura, Amsterdam, Damiano Brigo, Gilbart Professor Of Mathematical Finance at King’s College London, gives us his opinions and insight into Risk Management,  Quantative Finance and future Economic recoveries.  Damiano will be a keynote speaker at RiskMinds 2012. What are your current research interests? Advanced counterparty risk, credit…

Marvin Zonis: Risks that the Global Economy Faces,

Professor Marvin Zonis provided a compelling presentation at RiskMinds USA 2012 on the risks that the global economy is facing in current times.  Andreas Gottschling, Deutsche Bank, caught up with Marvin, following his well received address, to elaborate further on first and second order risks in the global economy today. Professor Marvin Zonis was a keynote speaker…

RiskMinds USA 2012 Photos,

Check out all the photos from RiskMinds USA 2012! You can access more RiskMinds USA content, including filmed interviews, by clicking here to visit the website.

30 Seconds with...Attilio Meucci,

Ahead of RiskMinds USA 2012 next week in Boston, we speak with Attilio Meucci, founder of SYMMYS.com.   What are you currently working on? Quantitative methodologies to account for liquidity risk in the portfolio construction process, and integrating it with other models in one coherent manner   Who is your risk management hero and why? Bob Litterman,…

Bubble VaR, a countercyclical value-at-risk approach,

Ahead of RiskMinds Asia later this year, Max Wong, RBS Global Banking & Markets, shares with us his research on VaR.  Max Wong will be speaking at at RiskMinds Asia, 11-13 September at The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. VaR and financial crises It is a great irony that our advancement in risk management has created a…

The regulatory machine is percolating, now what?,

Global thought leaders ring in with their opinions from Ri$kMinds Written by Clark Abrahams There were many perspectives and ideas shared at the recent Ri$kMinds event in Geneva.  Here are a couple of the notable quotes from regulatory and banking executives: Financial innovation: “We need a more formal process to distinguish healthy innovation versus arbitrage“ ~ Jose Maria Roldan, Banco…

Hersh Shefrin talks to Richard Barfield at RiskMinds 2011,

Richard Barfield, Director, PwC UK, kindly took some time out to interview Hersh Shefrin, Mario L. Belotti Professor, Department of Finance, Santa Clara University for us at RiskMinds 2011. Watch as Hersh Shefrin discusses the importance of Risk Management Culture, in particular having strong business processes, transparency and investing in IT to improve information sharing.…

More thoughts from the RiskMinds experts...in 30 seconds.,

What is the biggest challenge that risk managers need to solve now? Chng Sok Hui – Understanding the limitations of models; developing mechanisms to identify “risks not captured”; keeping a balanced perspective between the earnings and value perspectives Scott Aguais – Bank-wide data quality and integration of Risk and Finance. Sebastian Fritz-Morgenthal – Making sure…

Views from the RiskMinds Experts...in 30 Seconds.,

What are you currently working on? Chng Sok Hui – More than I can list! Balance sheet strategy, capital management, accounting policy & regulatory changes, investor relations and yes, budgets. Scott Aguais – Re-developing the suite of credit risk models and implementing them in an improved credit risk architecture, designing and implementing a PIT/TTC ratings approach and refining…


By:  John Hull and Alan White,  University of Toronto Ahead of this years RiskMinds 2011 event,  John Hull, Maple Finance Professor Of Derivatives & Risk Management at the University of Toronto, shares his paper on the criteria used by rating agencies when they rate structured products.  John will be speaking at our RiskMinds 2011 conference…

Pricing Contingent Convertibles: A Derivatives Approach,

By Jan De Spiegeleer and Wim Schoutens Ahead of this year’s RiskMinds 2011 event, Wim Schoutens, Professor in Financial Engineering at the Catholic University of Leuven, shares his unpublished research on Contingent Capital and CoCo Bonds. Wim will also be discussing this topic at the event in a CoCo’s workshop being held on Thursday the…

Highlights from RiskMinds U.S 2011,

Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s RiskMinds U.S 2011 event held in Boston. This video takes a look back at some of the highlights and testimonials from people who were there.

Spotlight Series: Stephen Allen advises us to stick to our principles.,

Stephen Allen, Head Of Risk Management Group, Macquarie Group took part in ‘The CRO Thinktank. Risk Culture & Ethics. What systems & processes can enhance the risk culture in every financial institution to make sure things are different this time?’ alongside Morten Friis, CRO, RBC. This was chaired By Richard Evans, CRO, Institutional Clients Group, CITI…

Spotlight Series: Richard Reid states that one size will definitely not fit all.,

Richard Reid, Director Of Research, International Centre for Financial Regulation, gave a talk entitled ‘Regulation And Optimal Financial Structure & Growth.’ In his interview with Dominique Bourrat, Richard suggests that in the wake of any financial crisis, there has been a knee jerk regulatory response but now we need to look at practical implementation. One…

Spotlight Series: Philippa Malmgren states that people's primary focus must be innovation,

Philippa Malmgren, Founder, The Canonbury Group, gave a talk entitled, ‘Where’s The Next Iceberg? Geopolitical Risk, Macro Economic Policy & Scenario Management: Understanding what risks lie in wait on the horizon & how should banks prepare for the next crisis? Phillipa was also a panellist in the ‘Thought Leader Discussion Group,’ which was commentated by…

Spotlight Series: Mattia Rattaggi discusses regulatory reforms at RiskMinds 2010,

Mattia Rattaggi, Managing Director, Head Of Group Supervisory Relations, UBS was a commentator alongside Andrew Cross, Managing Director, Credit Suisse for the Practitioner Comment and Challenge Session. He was also a panellist in ‘The RiskMinds Regulatory Working Group – Creating A Blueprint For The Future Of Regulatory Risk Management,’ a plenary panel featuring expert practitioners…

Spotlight Series: Highlights from RiskMinds 2010,

This video looks back at the highlights from the world’s largest and most prestigious risk management event which was held in Geneva in 2010.

Announcing Stefan Walter as Opening Keynote Speaker,

We are delighted to announce that Stefan Walter, Secretary General, BASEL COMMITTEE ON BANKING SUPERVISION will open this year’s RiskMinds conference in Geneva. He will deliver the keynote address entitled “Strengthening The Resilience Of The Banking Sector, Basel III & Financial Stability” at 8:00 am on 6th December. About Stefan Walter Stefan Walter assumed the…

Welcome to the RiskMinds blog,

Risk Minds is the world’s largest risk management conference.  It has been running for 17 years and regularly attracts over 500+ chief risk officers, risk practitioners and academics.  Our blog is a great place for you to gather the latest views from the industry and is aimed at bridging the information and networking gap between…

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